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New World Football Alliance - The Flagship Game
Initially, StarCard Sports Games will launch the first-of-its-kind gaming platform as a part of its ecosystem, that bridges the divide between the real world of football (soccer) and digital gaming. The platform will unify professional, amateur and youth athletes by tokenizing their identities as NFT based avatars.
The flagship game, "New World Football Alliance," will enable real-world soccer players around the globe to link their real-world performance data, from the TapIn Mobile Solutions platform, with their in-game avatars. This enables the player to earn wages in the form of the StarCard Sports Games SCSG crypto tokens. Users can either earn or purchase SCSG tokens inside the game or buy them from crypto exchanges. Created on the widely supported ERC-20 standard on the Polygon network, these tokens will be available on a decentralized exchange such as UniSwap initially and later on other popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
"New World Football Alliance" takes players through a fantasy Metaverse, set in the future, where young soccer players can band together to save the world, one match at a time. As players navigate the world and successfully win matches and complete challenges, they will earn SCSG tokens.
New World Football Alliance – The Game “Backstory”
The year is 2036. Earth and all of its inhabitants have gone through a dark period of environmental destruction, war, famine, fear, and isolation. For decades, young people and scientists tried in vain to capture the attention of world leaders and corporate profiteers. They sounded alarms for years about the impact that climate change and ecological destruction would have on our world, but their parents and grandparents wouldn’t listen and take action.
In the mid-2020s, the last of the great polar ice sheets broke apart and their melting accelerated. Coastal cities were hit with floods and millions of people worldwide died as fierce storms lashed once-thriving communities.
Crop fields around the world became parched deserts, and still millions more died from global famine as we reached 2030. What followed was the darkest moment in human history as leaders waged war on neighbors and former allies in an ever-growing fight for water and resources.
The past few years have seen survivors forming gangs and authoritarian-led enclaves in a truly dystopian world. The only thing that seems to bring people out and together are gladiator-style fighting games where fighters fought to the death.
But out of all of this darkness, a small band of soccer legends came up with an idea that would change the world’s outlook. What if a new global football league could take hold? What if football could be the one thing that could unite people and communities and create economic prosperity and hope again? What if anyone could play regardless of their ability and compete against similar players? And what if the players could earn money in the form of a new, global cryptocurrency to feed their communities and contribute some of their earnings to various causes to heal the world? And so it was born...the "New World Football Alliance." With matches and competitions around the world, a new economy and source of hope for the world emerged.
There will be two styles of gameplay for the "New World Football Alliance" game. These are essentially two different games; however, they will share player data and reside on one platform. The NFTs for both these games will be available on the NFT marketplace.